Transcription Services

Translations South Africa offers transcription services to customers over the world in various languages.

In addition to our professional translation services, Translations SA provides a wide range of  transcription services to suit any requirements. All of our tasks comply with strict project management procedures designed to keep high quality standards.The transcripts can be delivered in a wide range of formats such as digital media files, CDs, emails or printed copies. We also provide digital, medical, legal, media and conference transcriptions.

[h4]Medical Transcription Services[/h4]
Translations SA offers excellent medical transcription services that complement our medical translation branch. This complex field requires attention to detail, as a spelling mistake in a pharmaceutical term or a diagnosis could have disastrous consequences. For that reason, we only work with  qualified and  transcribers.

[h4]Legal Transcription Services[/h4]
In addition to our legal translation, Translations SA translation agency offers reliable and accurate legal transcription services for to law firms, prosecutors and public entities.

We transcribe:
* Court Attendance * Court Documents
* Deeds
* Depositions
* Police Interviews * Public Inquiries

[h4]Media Transcription Services[/h4]
Translations SA provides translation, subtitling and transcription services for the media industry.

We transcribe:
* Documentaries
* Interviews
* Movies
* Music files
* Media Events * Television & Radio Programs

[h4]Conference Transcription Services[/h4]
Conference transcripts are commonly required by business companies, financial institutions and academic organizations wanting to keep full recording of conferences and seminars.

Types of conferences that we transcribe:
* Board Meetings
* Focus Group Discussions
* Presentations * Research Interviews
* Seminar Transcriptions * Web Conferences

If you would like to receive a quotation or require further information on our transcription services, please feel free to contact us.

To begin the transcription  process, you may request Free Quote.

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