Legal Translation Services

When correct and accurate translation of legal and official documentation has crucial implications.

Translation South Africa provides high priority translation services for all legal aspect. Whether you need a translation for a critical business contract, complex litigation materials, evidence documents, a financial statement, deposition records, technical patent confirmation, application letter, birth certificate, or any other essential document,Translation South Africa can complete the translation from and into any languages for you quickly and accurately.

Our expert translators’ experience extends beyond the scope of general legal terminology. They are also well versed in the intricacies and statutory requirements of foreign legal and cultural systems.

Legal Translation Is Not A Simple Task

Be sure to select your translation vendor carefully. Only professional translators specializing in legal translation – preferably those with formal judicial and legal education and experience — should translate legal documents and intellectual writings. The mistranslation of a simple passage in a contract, for example, could lead to disastrous consequences, lawsuits, and devastating financial ramifications.

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